Curriculum choices can be overwhelming at first. But once you’ve identified your educational approach and your child’s learning style, the task of choosing curriculum becomes much easier to navigate.

I’ve grouped curriculum according to the publisher and then according to subject, in two categories: faith-based and those not faith-based. Under each publisher you will find: specific curriculum, age groups, learnings styles, and if applicable, educational approaches that this particular curriculum would fall under. This list is constantly having items added, so check back when you are doing your research for the coming year. As always, Cathy Duffy’s 100 Top Picks for Homeschool Curriculum is an excellent resource for reviews of particular curriculum, also grouped by subject.

Of course an eclectic homeschooling approach would mix and match from the various curriculum choices, even if they fall outside their overall approach. An example would be choosing a textbook curriculum such as Abeka for one particular subject, even if you don’t have textbook curriculum for other subjects. Sometimes, you come across a great curriculum for a subject using an approach you would not normally use, online or auditory for example. Have fun with your choices, and use the freedom you have to mix and match according to what best fits your child’s learning style, and your teaching style. Not sure what your child’s learning style is? Take the quiz here.

If a specific curriculum is marketed, designed or beneficial to a particular learning style, I will be sure to include that in the description.  Eventually, this page will have a search option, where you can enter the educational approach and learning style of your choice, and curriculum that matches both will be identified. VERY helpful when you are trying to save precious time and don’t have hours upon hours to devote to research. All the research will be done for you, including any religious or political influences on the curriculum or publisher if applicable, should that be of interest to you. If you want a specific denominational influence or “flavor” then you can narrow the search. Likewise, if you want to avoid a particular influence, you can do that as well.

Please keep checking back as the lists will be continuously expanded. This is not a work in progress in terms of my own research, but it does take time to input all the information I’ve gathered through the please be patient with me, as I know you’ll love the convenience of being able to do all your research in one place.


A Beka: Affiliated with Pensacola Christian College. Publishes and produces hundreds of textbooks for private Christian schools and homeschool use.

A.C.E. (Accelerated Christian Education): Also known as School of Tomorrow, A.C.E. offers Kindergarten through college prep curriculum in a variety of subjects including Spanish. They have computer software, books, and audio/visual tapes and DVDs.  A.C.E. is a course of study diagnostically individualized to meet a student’s specific learning needs and capabilities. Their curriculum incorporates Scripture, Godly character building and wisdom principles. Uses advanced computer technology to help ensure the finest education possible in today’s high-tech climate.

Alpha Omega: Christian company publishing Bible-based curriculm for preschool through the 12th grade . Their curriculum packages are:

  • LIFEPAC – Bible-based consumable worktext based on the principle of mastery learning for K-12.
  • Horizons – brightly illustrated workbook curriculum. Good for visual learners. Fast-paced lessons using a spiral learning method of introduction, review and reinforcement.
  • Switched On Schoolhouse – a home computer-based curriculum for grades 3-12.
  • Monarch (NEW!) – an interactive internet-based curriculum for grades 3-12.
  • Weaver Curriculum – Unit Study curriculum, PreK-12th grade

Answers in Genesis: Curriculum supports a literal Genesis interpretation of Creation (Young Earth Theory). Curriculum choices include science, logic, Bible, apologetics, and more. Some of the titles include:



  • History Revealed – Diana Waring’s series with audio CDs and storytelling format
  • God’s Design for Creation – Science grades 1-8
  • Body by Design Science – ages 15 and up
  • Wonders of Creation – Science
  • The Exploring Series – grades 5 and up

Apologia: Offers Textbook Science Curriculum, Online Academy, Worldview Curriculum, Writing and Geography.

A Reason For: Offers reading, spelling, science and handwriting curriculum for elementary students.


Beautiful Feet Books:  Provides quality literature to supplement your curriculum or to serve as the basis of your Charlotte Mason approach.


Bright Ideas Press: Also known as Pennywise Learning, they publish their own curriculum and offer other publisher’s curriculum for sale on their site. From their own in-house publishing are:

  • Christian Kids Explore Science Series
  • Mystery of History Series
  • Hands-On Geography
  • The Scientist’s Apprentice
  • All American History Series

Bob Jones University Press: Offering a wide variety of textbooks, videos, distance learning, testing and transcripts. The University (and therefore the curriculum) has distinct Baptist and fundamentalism influences.  


Canon Press: Affiliated with Christ Church of Moscow, Idaho which is a Reformed (Calvinistic) denomination. Offers books, audios and numerous sermons online. Not specifically geared for homeschoolers, but you can find lots of resources here, especially if you are using the classical approach.

Charlotte Mason Research and Supply Company: Dean and Karen Andreola founded this Christian-based company in 1989 with the finding and republishing of the classic 6 volume Charlotte Mason Original Homeschooling Series. They created a support group for those using the Charlotte Mason approach to homeschooling.


 Christ-Centered Publications: Scripture-based curriculum for math, language arts and phonics.



Christian Liberty Press: Offers individual books, curriculum packages, testing and evaluation services, and a full service home education curriculum called CLASS (Christian Liberty Academy School system) with standardized testing and report cards issued.

Christian Light Publications: A Bible-based, integrated, and Complete Christian Curriculum for Grades 1-12



Choose Art: Comprehensive art education program for 1st – 5th grades (and more to come). Textbooks and CDs with reproductible pages, worksheets and teacher’s manual.

Common Sense Press:  Publisher of Learning Language Arts Through Literature, Great Science Adventures, and other easy-to-use curricula for homeschoolers, traditional schools and parents who want to enrich their children’s education.

Cornerstone Curriculum: Unit study materials for Math, Science, Music and Art from a Biblical worldview.

Covenant Home: Offers a complete, eclectic, classical approach Pre K – 12th grade curriculum from a Reformed (Calvinistic) Christian worldview.


Doorposts Publishing: Curriculum for Biblical character training, catechisms, and Bible study.


EAGLE’S WINGS EDUCATIONAL MATERIALS:  Phonics. Math, Science, Geography, Bible and History curriculum for grades K-9th.


Five in A Row: Literature-based approach using unit studies for children ages 2-high school.


Foundation for American Christian Education (FACE): Publishers of the NOAH Plan Curriculum, which follows the Principle Approach.

Greenleaf Press: Resources for Ancient, Medieval, Rennaissance, Reformation and Modern History, Literature and Art. Good resource for those using the classical approach and a chronological history program. Providers of the Famous Men Series and Greenleaf Guides.

Heart of Wisdom Publishing Company: Two-sided curriculum base: God’s Word and God’s World. Offers lapbooks and unit studies, all from a classical approach.

How Great Thou ART Publishing (Art): the purpose at How Great Thou ART is to teach students the fundamentals of drawing, painting, color theory, etc…DVD Curriculum and textbooks.  The lessons in the text have been created to be both enjoyable and educational, challenging the students while preserving their sense of joy. Our curriculum is teacher friendly; it is easy to understand and do. Each lesson contains specific learning objectives, teaching many of the fundamentals within the fine arts. 

KONOS: Offers elementary through high school curriculum centered around the Unit Study method.

Lamplighter Publishing: Offers rare and classic books, dramatic audio books, character building books, MP3, and much more. Excellent resource for auditory learners, classical and Charlotte Mason approaches, or if you are looking to supplement any approach with great literature.

Mastery Publications: Their logo/motto is NO Fuss, NO fluff, NO Frustration. Curriculum available for math, language arts, handwriting and special needs for lower and upper elementary levels.


Moody Press: Publishers of many DVDs and videos dealing with Creation and Science.




Mott Media Christian Publishing: Classical Curriculum and readers including McGuffey’s readers, Ray’s Arithmetics, Harvey’s Grammars, the Sower Series, Ruth Beehick, Lois Walfred Johnson adventure books, Lee Roddy adventure books, and Spencerian Penmanship.


 My Father’s World: Combining the best of Charlotte Mason approach, Classical Education Approach, and Unit Studies with a Biblical worldview and international focus. Pre-k through 12th grade. Offers workshops on CD as well.

Noeo Science:While the creators of this curriculum are Christians, the curriculum itself is “generic”, meaning it could be used by those seeking a non faith-based Science curriculum. Geared for the classical approach, Noeo breaks it out for you in the three stages of learning. Offers textbooks in Chemistry, Physics and Biology for ages 5-8 (level 1), ages 9-12 (level 2) and ages 12-15 (level 3). 

Peace Hill Press: Specifically for those using the classical education approach. This is the online store for the “Well Trained Mind” by Susan Wise Bauer and her products including Story of the World (History).




Professor B Math: Curriculum for both homeschoolers and public school educators. There is only a brief mission statement stating their Christian beliefs, but other than that, this program is not obviously and overtly Christian in presentation – it is Math after all! If it matters to you one way or the other.

Progeny Press: Interactive PDF files, study guides for literature from a Christian perspective forgrades K-12.


Rod & Staff Publishers: A Mennonite publishing company. Pre-K through high school, variety of subjects.


Sonlight: Specializing in literature-based approach, Sonlight offers complete curriculum packages or individual resources and books for K- 12th grade.

Veritas Press: Specifically for classical education approach, offers literature books,latin curriculum from other publishers,  as well as a their own Bible and history curriculum. Also provide curriculum designed for the Logos School, a classical education private school in Moscow, Idaho.


Vision Forum: Mostly books, games, and character building resources and not standard textbook curriculum. Their JonathanPark audio series is a great science curriculum supplementfor auditory learners. Vision Forum is headquartered in the San Antonio area, with a religious perspective that focuses on patriarchy and their interpretation of the Biblical roles of men and women. Offers a wide variety of games and outdoor play products for boys and girls with historical focus.

Your Story Hour: Online kid’s magazine, bible lessons, radio program, and dramatized audio stories. Great for auditory learners!



(not publishers or creators, this is where you can buy if you choose not to buy directly from the publisher)

God’s World Book Club

Keepers of the Faith


The Back Pack




The Book Peddler


 Timberdoodle: Owned by a homeschooling family, offers a wide variety of curriculum, games, educational toys, and resources for autistic and special needs children. From infant – high school.



Castlemoyle Books: All core subjects, all ages. Specializing in multi-age, multi-sensory, and multi-learning style curriculum. Also offers unit studies and teacher’s resources.



Continental Press: Providing curriculum resources that support state testing goals with instruction/assessment products for reading, math, social studies, phonics and science.


The Critical Thinking Company: Provides numerous resources to teach logic, critical thinking, and reasoning skills for math, science and history subjects. The classical education approach specifically encourages teaching critical thinking to students during the second stage of the trivium (the logic stage).

The Mailbox: Online idea magazine for teachers, but also provides curriculum workbooks in various subjects. You can purchase their products locally (in San Antonio) at the Learning Zone and Schoolocker, in San Marcos at the Education Station, Teacher Heaven in Austin, and at Mardel bookstores in North Texas cities.

Remedia Publications: Specializes in special education and inclusion materials and curriculum for students that are struggling in regular education and intervention settings.


Robinson Curriculum: A self-teaching curriculum that was awarded first place in seven curriculum categories by Practical Homeschooling Magazeins’ 2009 Reader’s Choice Awards. See Educational Approaches for more about this particular approach, and their website for explanation of the curriculum Dr. Robinson created.



STANDARD DEVIANTS: Produces educational videos and DVDs for high school students, combining solid educational content with cutting edge technology and top-notch writing.

TEACHER’S DISCOVERY: Extensive selection for all core subjects in addition to Spanish, Chinese, German and French resources.



GIGGLY GRAMMAR, by Cathy Campbell

Imagine if Shel Silverstein’s books had been about grammar, then you’ve got Giggly Grammar. Silly sentences and illustrations help capture the attention to students while teaching all about grammar. I have not seen this marketed to homeschoolers as of yet, currently it is marketed to public school classroom use. But it certainly works for the home setting as well. The Deluxe Teacher’s Edition of the book is a must-have, as it features a CD that contains PDF files, JPG files, and PowerPoint slides of materials in the book. There are also bonus materials (posters and stationary) that aren’t in the book.

Moving Beyond the Page:  Full curriculum for creative, hands-on, gifted learners ages 6-13. Subjects also available individually.



Meet The Masters:  k-8 art online curriculum exploring 35 master artists, includes art history, techniques and activities.


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