Principle Approach

This approach is also called the NOAH Plan after the specific curriculum developed for this educational approach. It is a Christian, Bible-Based approach and curriculum that utilizes the Notebook method.

From their website:

“The philosophy is based on America’s method of Biblical reasoning documented in The Christian History of the Constitution of the United States of America: Christian Self-Government, Vol. I and studied in Teaching and Learning America’s Christian History: The Principle Approach.  There are seven basic principles drawn from the Bible that are fundamental to American liberty. These principles were studied and taught, respected, and nurtured in the children of the founding generation. The Principle Approach philosophy reveres these seven principles as the means to preserve America’s Christian birthright of liberty and form Christian character in children today. The examination of the seven principles in every subject and grade level sets this educational philosophy apart.”

The Seven Principles  – Each Principle Builds on the One Before
God’s Principle of Individuality
  • Doctrinal Application: Our God is Himself an Individual who made us in His image for a providential purpose.
  • Personal Application: My unique individuality has a purposeful destiny that can only be fulfilled through Christ’s redemption.

The Principle of Christian Self-Government

  • Doctrinal Application: Knowing God through Christ teaches me to obey Him and enjoy liberty with law.
  • Personal Application: I am only properly self-governed when governed by Christ.

The Principle of Christian Character

  • Doctrinal Application: As my character is forged by Christ, I reach my fullest expression and enjoy harmony with others.
  • Personal Application: My character predicts the success and happiness of fulfilling my destiny.

Conscience is the Most Sacred Property

  • Doctrinal Application: Righteous law protects life and property; consent is the title to conscience.
  • Personal Application: My stewardship of property, both internal and external, has consequences.

The Christian Form of Our Government

  • Doctrinal Application: The form of government proven to best protect life and property is a Christian constitutional federal republic.
  • Personal Application: As I learn to think governmentally, I can balance the three powers of government to avert the tyranny of self in my personal conduct.

Planting the Seed of Local Self-Government

  • Doctrinal Application: Education is the cause to effect multi-generational maintenance of a christian republic.
  • Personal Application: I continually sow seeds in my thought, speech and action; consequently I continually reap the results.

American Political Union

  • Doctrinal Application: The internal gives rise to the external.
  • Personal Application: Internal unity spawns external union.


Publishers of Principle Approach Curriculum:



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