The most widely known and utilized approach to homeschooling is called by more than one name: traditional, textbook, or “school at home” approach. This approach is simply using textbooks, just as students do in public or private school, in the home setting. Also falling under this approach would be online distance learning programs and many computer-based programs.

There are numerous curriculum providers and publishers of textbooks to support this approach. Most parents if they have had their children in public or private school for any amount of time, may know their child’s response and effectiveness with this approach. Others may not realize other approaches are available, and may be more compatible with their child’s learning style.

Too often, new homeschoolers assume the only method available is the traditional approach. But the beauty of homeschooling is the freedom is presents to the parent to modify, explore, adapt and change the learning environment and educational programs used. You may find after learning about other methods that the approach that is best for your family is the traditional approach, but you want to use the computer and not textbooks. It’s still considered school-at-home mainly because of assessments, testing, and record-keeping that is part of even online programs.

Below are some popular and lesser known textbook curriculum providers, as well as online distance education programs and computer-based curriculum that is traditional approach. I’ve also included information regarding any religious or spiritual influences as well as curriculum targeting specific learning styles.  When you see the symbol †, you’ll know it is a Christian or faith-based resource. In addition, I’ve listed some products that are good for kinesthetic and auditory learners.

Textbook curriculum is traditionally very oriented for the visual learner. The majority of products available are designed with the visual learner or teacher in mind. If your student is a visual learner, you will find an abundance of materials to choose from. If your student is a kinesthetic or auditory learner, your task is a bit more involved to select the most appropriate curriculum and materials.  

Publishers of Textbook Curriculum:




Online Distance Education/Correspondence Learning:

Ablaze Academy: Personalized, accredited, offering wide range of subjects.

A.C.E. Lighthouse

Christian Liberty Academy

Clonlara School

Indiana University High School

Internet Homeschool:  Fully accredited school, live online certified teachers, online gradebook, credits transfer to any school nationwide.

K-12 Online largest provider of online learning. Offer online courses, blended online/classroom programs, and lots of online resources for teachers/parents.

The Keystone School: Accredited, for middle and high school students only.


Oak Meadow: K-12, accredited.

Seton Home Study

Sycamore Tree


Computer-Based Curriculum:

Chalk-Dust Company Math





3-D Learn Interactive Academy

Plato Curriculum

Teaching Textbooks


Switched on Schoolhouse


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